4 discussion response

Respond to each students discussion. Original responses please!


Jamie: My vision would be for a company I hope to start in the future. I just haven’t been able to get the capital together to do so. I want to call it “Small Tymers”, and I want to make things people will love and can afford. I have always been crafty and have made things and sold them before because I love to throw my whole self into anything I do. From dream catchers, jewelry, to candles I pretty much can make and want to sell it all. I think my company vision statement would be:The traits of a path-goal leader align most with my vision statement. Because although it would be a small company I have a path to big dreams. I want to set goals and I want people included that will be willing to finish the goals. I want people who want to achieve the big dreams together, we can do so by providing support, and focusing on motivation.

Toni: Cleveland Clinic will be an innovative and accessible clinic regionally in Northeast Ohio. We will de dedicated to enhancing the health and bettering the lives of all of our patients past, present, and future. We always aspire to have your visit at any of our locations be nothing but excellent. I think a combination of situational and path goal leadership will do best with my vision statement. Situational is helpful because in a hospital setting you often have to “think fast” and change what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why on a dime. So to be able to adapt to a situation and quickly will benefit the vision. And as for path goal leadership, it is important to put employees in areas that you know they will succeed in regardless of what type of work environment it is so that the organization as a whole can achieve the goals of the vision.


Kristen: Quality to me is when a product or service goes above the basic requirements. If it was an electronic or appliance the product would be made with better materials and would last longer. In customer service it would be an employee going out of their way to make sure I had a good experience and made sure my needs were met. Quality is so important to an organization because good quality can help strengthen a company’s brand and reputation.

In 2015, 10 people were hospitalized and 3 people died from eating listeria tainted ice cream made by Blue Bell. The company responded by recalling eight million gallons of ice cream to prevent more people from getting sick. The problem was fixed by the company recalling its products and taking a 4 month production break. They have also enhanced their testing process and now test each batch of ice cream they produce. The company today is doing well due to its loyal customer following.

Megan: We here all the time, we want the best quality of everything, and for the right price. Price and how good products are made is the first thing that comes to mind when I here the word quality. We always want to make things better whether its in our personal or work life. We are always comparing and contrasting everything we do and everything we see.

Quality is so important to an organization because we want our consumer/customer/patients, etc to be satisfied. We want them to return. They make up everything for a business. If they have the best quality of all aspects this will happen.

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