american history essay 2

Write an essay of five to seven paragraphs about one of the following topics. The American People Textbook will be used. Please included four citations from the American People textbook.

the period from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War: 1776-1865.

Topics(choose one):

1. When did the Civil War become inevitable?

2. Discuss the growth of tensions between the North and The South.

3. Discuss the most important political development of our period (1776-1865), for example, the development of political powers, Supreme Court cases, and elections.

4. Write about the experiences of one or more of the following groups during our period (1776-1865): women, African-Americans, labor, or Native-Americans.

5. Discuss the expansion of one of the United States during our period (1776-1865)

6. Discuss the development of the American constitution.

7. Write about the importance military of rivers for the period between the American Revolution and the American Civil War

8. What are the major changes that took place in the institution of slavery in our period (1776-1865)?

9. What are the most important military events that took place during our period. (1776-1865)

10. Write about the technological and economic changes of our period. (1776-1865)

11. Write about the presidents of our period (1776-1865)

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