anthropology writing 2 10

Each question 100 words.

1 . Using Craig’s Portrait of a Himalayan Healer, describe three ways her research conforms to Guest’s definition of ethnographic fieldwork.

2. Answer ONE of the following:

Based on Ortner’s analysis of the three films in Too Soon for Post-Feminism? choose one film description and show how it demonstrates gender stratification as defined by Guest.


Using the definition of intersectionality in Guest, explain how the experiences of one woman in Davis’s study (Non-Violent Survival Strategies in the Face of Intimate Partner Violence and Economic Discrimination) demonstrate how race, gender, and class interact to shape her life chances.

3. What are three ways that people can be considered related to each other (kin), according to anthropologists. (Use both Guest and Lecture). Give a brief definition of each.

Guest reading:…

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