archeology essay 3

1. Write a 1 page, single-spaced, on an archaeological method that employs a technique other than “digging in the dirt”. What are the benefits to the technique? Give an example of an archaeological site where this technique was used (outside research!) Reading:…

2. 2. For this assignment write a 1 page single spaced paper comparing the biological and behavioral characteristics of two hominin discussed in this weeks readings and lectures. What are some of their characteristics and how might these features influence how they may have acted or behaved. (Feder chap3, 4) post in file. Reading link:…

3. 3. Write a 1 page single spaced paper on the Upper Paleolithic Cave site of Lascaux. Select two of the rooms (or wall panels) to discuss. What types of figures or animals are depicted? What does spatial layouts, design, or characteristics of the illustrations suggest about the intellect of the AMHS that created them? What functions do you believe these paintings served? reading: THE UPPER PALEOLITHIC REVOLUTION (post in the file)

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