audit process 1

Organizations contract or hire individuals with specific skills to conduct internal audits to ensure their organizations are following their documented policies, procedures, and processes. In addition, federal mandates are placed on specific organizations within industries requiring continuous audits, requiring organizations to contract outside auditors to work with their internal auditors in determining the health of the organization.

Create a minimum 8 slidePowerPoint® presentation (not including the title and reference slides) with speaker notes that describes the processes typically followed within your chosen organization for internal and external audits, including the security related areas covered, how the audit is performed, the differences between internal and external audits, as well as discussing the value that audits can add to the organization.

Include appropriate references to support your analysis.

Submit your presentation using the Assignment Files tab.

The criteria that I use to assign grades for this assignment are as follows:

  • Was the material thoroughly covered?

Deduction Examples – Addressed many of the points (10%)

– Addressed some of the points (20%)

  • Was the minimum number of slides met?

Deduction Examples – One slide less than requirements (10%)

– Two slides less than requirements (20%)

  • Were a comprehensive set of speaker notes included?

Deduction Examples – included some speaker notes (10%)

– No speaker notes included (20%)

  • Did the references follow APA format?

Deduction Examples – minor APA non-compliance (5%)

– major APA non-compliance (10%)

  • Was the presentation error free?

Deduction Examples – Minor typos/grammatical mistakes (5%)

– Significant typos/grammatical mistakes (10%)

  • Was a reference list included of appropriate resources?

Deduction Examples – Inappropriate references (5%)

– No references included (10%)

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