bullying report

Watch the following segments of the “Dealing With Bullying” video:

  • Segment 2: “What is Bullying?”
  • Segment 6: “Indirect Bullying Hurts Self-Esteem – Turning the Tables”

Imagine you are training a group of school counselors on the dangers of bullying.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word training report to the school’s counselors in which you describe bullying behavior in adolescence.

Address the following in your report:

  • Explain why bullying is an issue to study in human development.
  • Describe the three components or types of bullying behavior, as observed by researchers.
  • Explain how gender and sexual orientation influence styles of bullying.
  • Describe how self-esteem affects bullying.
  • Describe how family interactions are affected by bullying.

Include at least two peer-reviewed resources.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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