case study of myocardial infarction with occupational therapy approach

A case study with all this requirements: ( case is attach in a picture please read all)

– Determine and select model of practice of reference to best guide or treatment for occupational therapist ( example : biomechanical, Moho)

– summary of primary and secundar medical diagnoses: sign, symptoms, prognosis, prevalence (all of these is attach in the picture In the history)

– Develop a prioritizes OCcupational Therapy problema list. And explain justification the using of occupational therapy ( example: eating, transfer to the toilet, get dress, etc)

-identified all problema of the patient accurately

-identified all strengths and opportunities of the patient in the case study

-complete all long term goals ( min 3) meeting all the criteria of an occupational therapy frame work. Using FEAST ( function, expectation, action, specific condition, time line)

– according with the long term goals complete the short term goal ( for 1 long goal two short goal)

– listed methods used to treat patient for an occupational therapy with the treatment plan according with the frame of reference and write why we chose that treatment. ( ex if is biomechanical write down biomechanical treatment )

– write a justification describe the rationale behind above methods and give reasons.

– describe of maim medicam diagnosis and any precautions. Brief description of patient status and goals

– write a toy ugh analysis for each activity ( identifying value for use in treatment )

– shows priority as relates to discharge plans as aprópiate

– after treatment session identificación of ppportunify to recommend to the occupational therapist the need to re-evaluation and additional servicie and professional.

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