coca cola paper

Please write a paper (single-spaced within paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs, 12 PT Times Roman font) answering the following questions:

Coca-Cola is a current leader in China’s competitive soft drink market because of substantial investments of time and money. However, changing consumer preferences for healthier products, coupled with an increasing number of competitors, both traditional and non-traditional, threaten that competitive position.

INTRODUCTION: Summarize the Coca-Cola Case in your own words.

PORTER’s FIVE FORCES: Use Porter’s five-force analysis to assess the nature of China’s soft drink industry in comparison to industry dynamics in more developed soft drink markets (e.g., the US). What are the main differences and similarities?

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS: Different types of corporate partnerships are common in the development of China’s beverage industry. Discuss the historical reasons and rationale behind different corporate partnership strategies. What motivates companies to seek joint ventures (JVs), M&A, and other types of strategic cooperation in China’s beverage market?

PROPOSED M&A OF HUIYUAN: Across a wide range of industries, from beverages to automobiles, China’s antimonopoly law plays a prominent role in governing corporate strategic options, particularly among larger foreign firms. Discuss this law’s role in Coke’s proposed M&A of Huiyuan. What types of corporate behavior does the law govern? What are some recent examples of its application?

SWOT ANALYSIS: What strategic options exist for Coke at the point of this new acquisition? What are the strengths and weaknesses of its current market position, using a SWOT analysis as the main framework of discussion?

CONCLUSION: What do you think are the financial implications for Coke today? Use Value Line at the University Library and download the Value Line page for Coke (Ticker symbol: KO). Use that to help you make an informed decision.

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