complete the following assignment 2

Complete the following sentences with the appropriate term or phrase, or select the correct word to which the sentence or phrase is referring. Please post the sentences with your answers in the text box below to submit your work.

1. Organisms are used to determine the toxicity of chemicals. __________

2. Chemicals that are effective in killing species, slowing growth or preventing reproduction. __________

3. Energy that is replenished through natural processes and is responsible for less pollution. __________

4. Areas that are diversified by plant and animal habitats and a key resource in watershed management. __________

5. It is the most harmful hazardous waste that is known to cause 25% of new cancers each year. __________

6. Animals at the head of the food chain are receiving more concentrated toxins. __________

7. Equal amounts of sand, clay and silt are combined; good for living organisms because of the porosity. __________

8. Viewing humanity and the environment as being equally valuable. _________

9. It is more difficult to identify the specific source of water pollution. _________

10. It identifies the watershed where one lives. __________

You are to answer the following questions in your own words. Please post the questions with your answers in the text box below to submit your work. Remember to use complete sentences, use proper grammar, and don’t forget to proofread and spell check your work before submitting it. This may require additional internet research, so be sure to cite your sources.

1. How can we reduce our exposure to hormone disruptors? Provide specific examples.

2. Currently, most of our energy comes from nonrenewable energy sources. By using more renewable energy sources, what impact will this have on the environment?

3. Explain what the National Recycling Challenge is and how it has influenced the development of innovative technologies to address environmental issues.

III. Essay Questions

1. Choose the role of concerned citizen or city mayor. You are to educate and community members on the importance and benefits of recycling and motivate them to participate in a community recycling program. What is your plan of action? Explain why you chose the role that you did.

2. What are the effects of erosion on water quality? How does erosion contribute to groundwater pollution?

3. What does the phrase “environmental racism” mean? Explain the relationship between environmental racism and hazardous waste. What are some of the ethical issues that it raises?

4. Explain why watershed management is so important for the protection of biodiversity. Provide specific examples to support your answer.

5. The principle of “all life is interconnected” was prevalent throughout this course. Based on the knowledge that you have gained from exploring environmental science, explain what this concept means.

6. How has this course increased your awareness of environmental issues? What influence has this knowledge had on choice that you make in everyday life?

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