describe d holbach s argument for why we do not have freedom of will and what do think

This is a discussion interaction write up. At least 250 words; and also explain your why you feel this way.

Example of sure of this is:

As a leading philosopher in the 18th century, D’Holbach expressed his belief in free will as just an illusion and all human beings were existences of physical material, including the soul. In other words, everyone is a part of the big machine of the world. In D’Holbach’s philosophy, he claims that human lives are determined and no one can control one’s own life. For example, he points out that nobody can choose his birth, including to which country one is born, who one’s parents are, what one’s genetic makeup will be, and when one will die. These facts are added up and they are resulting the man. One cannot have free will to change it since it has already been chosen for one at birth. For these reasons, D’Holbach thinks that mankind is never in control of its personality, intelligence, and even its actions, due to the many factors that are out of its control.
Even though D’Holbach’s theory on humans having no free will has some good points, I personally think it is hard to accept, because from his point of view, there will be no difference between human individuals and machines. In my opinion, after our birth, besides the conditions that we cannot control, we can choose what kind of person we want to be, such as being kind or evil, harmonious or selfish, diligent or lazy. We also can make our own decisions on our marriage, career choices, where to live, and making plans as well as efforts to achieve those plans. Thus, D’Holbach’s statement is too absolute.

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