design and draw a network using ms powerpoint

Assume that you are at work and you have a need to access a web page on the Internet, a folder on another PC on your local area network (LAN), and a printer on the LAN. Using MS PowerPoint, design and draw a network to do this. HINT: see the figures in the textbook and on the lecture slides. As an example, I have started a drawing below that connects two PCs via a hub – thus, each PC have the capacity to share folders with each other. Use the types of components below (and/or others that you can think of). Label all components. Make sure that you think of all possible components (to include cables, NICs, communication media, etc.) for your network. Basically, your drawing should be fully complete so that if someone uses your drawing to build the network, they will not need to add any items beyond what you specify. Use as many PowerPoint slides as you need. Add your name to this first PowerPoint slide in the upper left corner. At the end of the presentation, add an additional PowerPoint slide. On this additional PowerPoint page, describe what each component in your drawing does (use 12 point font). Your network drawing does not have to be pretty, but it does need to be legible/understandable. Just labeled boxes and lines are fine – your drawings do not have to be as detailed as the ones below.

Internet (show as a labeled cloud)

DSL Modem

Cable Modem

Dial Up Modem

Television Cable


Fiber Optic Cable



Client PC

Telephone Line

Wireless Hub

Wireless Ethernet Card

Network Interface Card

Ethernet Cable

PNA Card and Wire

Internet Service Provider

Coaxial Cable

Web Server

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VAN (Value Added Network)


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