discussion question 650

After watching The Hudsucker Proxy clip, discuss the following:

a) What shift factor was at play in this scene?

b) How did it affect the equilibrium price and quantity?

c) Think of a time in your life where your demand was impacted by a shift factor and describe it using the economics we have covered.

When answering this discussion question, please ensure you answer all three parts of the question. Label each part as shown in the question as a paragraph. You don’t have to copy the question, though. In paragraph a), all I need is the name of the shift factor and why you picked that shift factor. For paragraph b), I want you to talk about how the shift factor affected the supply and/or demand curve initially and then after the boy found the hula hoop; then determine what happened to the equilibrium price and the quantity purchased initially and after the boy found the hula hoop. In paragraph c), I want you to identify a product and explain how one of the supply or demand shift factors affected the appropriate

The clip transcript is attached

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