easy communications assignment

Transcribing Praxis

A main goal of the course is to develop your ability to observe and analyze everyday communication. In order to do this, it is useful to know how to turn spoken words into written words while keeping prosodic features. For this assignment, you will transcribe a short (about 3 minutes) segment of interaction according to the transcription tutorial we did in Week 5.

The excerpt that you will use and transcribe can be downloaded here COMM 2400 Video H&K Segment B.mp3Click to view undefined. There are 3 speakers in this conversation: Harold, Kumar, and Ann. Harold is the first male who speaks, Kumar is the second male who speaks, and Ann is the only female speaker.

  • Start by doing the level-1 transcription. This asks you to dictate what is said exactly by each speaker at every conversational turn, and any other sounds made by the speakers. You will need to listen to this clip a few times to make sure you have captured all the words and sounds made by speakers.
  • For the level 2 transcription, you will need to identify overlapping speeches in this interaction, marking them with the square brackets for interruption or with the equals sign to show there is no hearable pause between turns.
  • The level 3 of adding paralinguistic markers (e.g., pauses, intonations, stress, and stretch of sound etc.) is optional, you can try it only after you complete the first 2 levels.
  • Make sure you add line numbers to your transcript.

I expect this assignment to take at least 1-2 hours for you to complete.

General Expectations

  • Students are expected to complete their own work. Any transcript plagiarized from another student will be graded “0” and the student will be referred to the honor code office.
  • Transcripts are expected on time. Late assignments will be accepted but will be penalized according to the policy in the course syllabus.
  • Each paper will be evaluated on the detail of transcription, the accuracy of words captured and symbols used, and completeness.

F (8 & below): The transcript does not capture the whole conversation, is not made from the audio excerpt provided, and/or hardly captures the talk.

D (9-10): The transcript has many errors that majorly deviate from the talk in the excerpt, does not follow the transcription guidelines provided, or is incomplete.

C (11): The transcript is complete for the entire excerpt. Several errors in captured words and symbols used exist in the transcript, or only round 1 is completed, but done well.

B (12-13): The transcript is complete for the entire excerpt, and is accurate for most of the talk. Some errors in captured words and symbols, or incomplete round 2 transcription.

A (14-15): The transcript is complete and accurate for the entire excerpt. Few or no errors exist in the transcript, and it is clear that there was effort to include as much detail as possible.

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