environmental ethics essay 5

You are responsible for initiating one discussion thread AND leaving three comments on threads started by your classmates throughout the course. These are worth 5 points each. You must contribute once per week (either a thread or a comment). Discussion threads should be at least 300 words. Comments should be at least 200 words. Longer threads will not necessarily receive a better grade. Be precise and succinct. Discussion threads should be posted no later than Wednesday at 11:59pm of each week, but comments may be left on Fridays until 11:59pm. Make sure to cite the readings properly so that classmates can find parts of the text that you reference.

Readings can choose one from the list: Kant, “Rational Beings Alone Have Moral Worth” (pp. 10-13) Singer, “A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation” (pp. 14-23)

All these reading materials is post in the file, please check the file page number, then you can locate the reading article.

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