ethics paper 19

Choose two US companies in the Hospitality Industry that:

One you consider to be ethical


One you believe to be unethical.

Review The Following Attachments for Ethics Paper

  • Code of Ethics background
  • Steps for analyzing a code of ethics:
  • Business Ethics (PDF)

Refer to the above resources to create a short white paper to analyze the topic of ethics.
(NOTE – if you’re unfamiliar with the format of a white paper – google “white paper” for sites)

1 – Intro – Define ethics.
2 – Body – Answer the following for each company:

Does this company have a published code of ethics?
Does it offer evidence of social responsibility?
Does it practice sustainability?

3 – Conclusion – Why do you consider this to be an ethical company or not? Provide specific references to support your position. Consider the following questions in your conclusion.

  • In what ways does a company’s ethics (good or bad) influence your buying decisions?
  • Did your research for the assignment change your views on that company?
  • What companies in your industry have a high level of corporate ethics?
  • Do corporate ethics differ in a global environment?
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