f 35 program hacked

TOPIC: Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program that was compromised by Chinese Hackers.


For this class, we’ll use a basic case study format. A case study is not a research paper that is meant to be highly technical, nor is it meant to be a regurgitation of a single article or book. It should give any reader a quick understanding of a situation and its implications and lessons. At a minimum, a case study analysis establishes a situation, discusses activities and outcomes, and then draws some conclusions.

Please use the following template.

Cover Page

Include a case study title, student name, and date of submission.

NOTE: This page should not be numbered and is not counted toward your page total.

Introduction [Keep this section to no more than 1 ½ pages.]

oThesis Statement


Include a synopsis of the event or situation you’re examining.

Include a synopsis of current situation, if this is an on-going situation.


Key Issues/Goals/Problems

Highlight no more than the top three.

Decision Criteria/Methodology

By what means are you analyzing this situation? For example, are you analyzing from the perspective of a government, a business, etc.

What specific evaluative methods, models, etc. are you using and why?


All analysts make assumptions. Good analysts can identify the assumptions they’re using. These typically stem from the viewpoint of the analysis, the nature or lack of data, and the nature of the parties involved. (Be the Government)

Key findings

What are the key take-aways from this case study? Why?


oJustification for your findings

oLessons Learned



oProvide a complete reference entry for all sources used.

oThis section should have page numbers, but these pages do not count against your page limit.

As a reminder, this paper must follow the following guidelines.

8-10 pages not including cover page and references (9 pages of work)

Times New Roman, 12 point font

1-inch margins


Must use consistently a major reference style (APA)

Must provide in-line, parenthetical citations in the body and an associated reference page

Pages numbered in the lower right after cover page

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