final paper topic 1


For your final paper you will be researching a deviant subculture of your choosing. You will pick a specific deviant group or subculture and provide an exploration of the group. See subculture in module 8 (can be a cult, religion like wicca or pagan, way of dress, music style, specific gang or mob, and others like we viewed in our module 2 and 3 discussions, etc.)


  1. Submit, by dropbox to your instructor, a paragraph about the specific deviant group or subculture you have chosen for your final project.
  2. Include the following in your paragraph;
    • A discussion of why you chose this subculture
    • Any problems you anticipate in examining this group
    • Where you think you specifically might obtain the required academic books or journal articles to support your work.
  3. Choose your topic wisely, because it is unlikely your instructor will allow you to change the topic in mid-semester.
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