fukushima status report technical format

OPTION 2 (15 points maxmium) – Minimum 2000-word geological technical report The final point total awarded will be determined by the quality of the report. 5 points will be deducted for each day late.• This project will involve a more technical format than an essay. • Your written paper must 8.5×11” portrait layout, with a maximum 12 point type, margins no larger than 1”, and no more than 1-1/2 line spacing . • The total number of pages includes graphics and tables, that individually shall be no larger than 1/2 page for each figure or table, each including annotation and a caption. • The Introduction should include a purpose, scope, and plan of development for your report. • Purpose – why is this written and what does it convey? • Scope – What subtopics of the overall topic are addressed, or how the topic is limited in scope due to a focus on a particular issue. • Plan of Development – what topics are covered in what order, or how the paper structured • The Body Text will contain the background, methods, and paragraphs explaining the issue(s). • The Discussion, Summary, or Conclusion section will precede the References. • The final project will be hard copy report handed in before the final exam. • Please use MS Word.

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