history discussions and response

Question #1 ( 200-250 words) : I often hear from students that they don’t see why they need to take another history course after taking it in middle-school and high school.

In this forum I’d like to hear what you thought of your previous experience with history courses as well as your thoughts on what you expect the difference will be between this course and the history courses that you took in middle school and high school. If you’ve already taken HIST 1301 or 1302, let us know what you found the differences to be.

I also have to response my classmate work, only one. But it require to post my work first in order to see other people’s works.

As soon as I receive your work, I will post the work I want to response. It just less than 100 words.

Question #2 about 300 words: Historians call the pieces of information left to us from the past primary sources. These types of sources can include petitions and contracts as we see in this question below, as well as, all other material that comes to us directly from the people we are studying. They differ from secondary sources because secondary sources are not directly from the people you are studying. Your textbook, for example, is a secondary source. It was written not by the people described in it but by a present-day historian named Eric Foner.

Primary sources are the building blocks of historical argument. When a historian wants to make a point about the past, he or she must back that point up with evidence from primary sources. Each week in this class you will discuss one or more primary sources from one of the chapters.

For this discussion, carefully read the Voices of Freedom primary sources on pages 450 and 451 of the Give Me Liberty! Textbook. The two sources are an excerpt from a petition from recently freed slaves to President Johnson and a sharecropping contract.

In your discussion response I’d like you to do two things. First, explain how each of the sources defines freedom for newly freed slaves in the South. Second, explain what factors you think influenced the state and federal governments to accepted (at least generally) the vision of black freedom we see represented in the sharecropping contract. (A helpful note: If you read it carefully, you will see that the sharecropping contract is not very fair and is not a very good deal for the black sharecroppers.)

In your response you should use evidence from the primary sources to prove your point. Typically this requires a three-step process of making your assertions about the issue, giving the reader evidence that proves your point (usually by providing a brief quotation from the text), and then fully explaining to the reader why the evidence proves your point. Since we are all looking at the same two pages of the textbook, you don’t need to provide a citation when you reference the material.

Response classmate’s work require the same question 1.

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