history question must answer all questions for the city of el paso tx

  • Name the city in which you live.
  • Name the mayor of your city. Write one paragraph detailing the background and experience of your mayor.
  • Who did the mayor beat in his last election? What was the result (e.g. Geisler def. Brownfield, 63%-47%)
  • What is the address of your City Hall?
  • Write the length of the term of the mayor. When is the next election?
  • Name the members of the city council.
  • Describe the length of the terms of the city council.
  • Who is your city councilman? What district does he represent?
  • When and where are city council meetings held in your city?
  • Who is the City Manager?
  • Write one paragraph describing the duties of the city manager and how he is chosen. (In your own words)
  • What are the dates, times, and locations of the next three city council meetings?
  • Name two specific laws of your city. Only include laws that could possibly affect you in your life as it is today. E.g. – do not name a law regulating real estate taxes if you don’t own any real estate. Be sure to include the city ordinance # and a link to the law.
  • In which county do you live?
  • Who is your county commissioner? What district or place does he represent?
  • How are County Commissioners chosen? What are the terms of a County Commissioner?
  • Write one paragraph describing the job of county commissioner. (In your own words)
  • Who is your County Judge?
  • What does the county judge do? (In your own words)
  • Who is your county Sheriff?
  • What does the country Sheriff do? (In your own words)
  • Watch a video on YouTube or other website on a Local issue in your city. Be sure to include the link to the video and make sure the video is at least 3 minutes long. Summarize the points made in the video.
  • Write a three-paragraph summary of an article for an OP-ED written on a State or local issue. Be sure to include a link to the op-ed. Make sure you cover the following questions.
    • What is the argument of the op-ed?
    • Why is this an important issue?
    • To what extent do you agree with the author? Why? To what extent do you disagree? Why?
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