Final Project Phase 1: PowerPoint Presentation
In this unit you will submit a PowerPoint presentation as background research for your
final project due in Unit 9.
IKEA the Swedish furniture manufacturer invented the idea of building reasonably
priced furniture that the customer assembles. Now they want to launch a new line of
green homes for young married couples as a Greenfield venture. These green homes
would be 350 sq. ft. – 420 sq. ft. complete with a bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room;
a larger unit option would have an infant room or small extra bedroom. Initial unit price
would be $4, 000 with the larger unit being $6,000. The homes are made of straw, are
fireproof, and can resist a hurricane. They come with an assembly plan and roof top
solar panels. PVC pipe for plumbing is provided, but appliances are not. Industry
standard windows and doors can be purchased separately.
Their marketing department is analyzing market geographic options in India and Mexico
for an initial launch of this new line of products.
In order to be ready for the final project due in Unit 9 you will submit some research that
you will do regarding family life and housing prices in India and Mexico.
1. Then put it into a Power point presentation using 3 bulleted points per slide using
your own words for a total of 6 slides comparing Indian family life to Mexican
family life as well as comparing prices.
2. Also provide an additional 2 slides for Title and References for a total of 8 slides.
3. Explain in the Notes section whether you think it is a good idea for them to
launch this new product venture as a Greenfield venture (see page 434). Any
additional notes you want to add should be made in the Notes section of the PPT
Do your research on family life in India and Mexico: Mexican Family Indian Family Structure Family life in India

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