hrm strategies and change management

Part 1

You are now the senior vice president of HR for CapraTek and the board of directors has promoted a new chief executive officer who has a background in human resources. She wants to integrate HR into mainstream organizational decision making and leverage its programs to influence a broad set of organizational goals and objectives. The plan is ambitious and will demand many changes and initiatives. For this assignment, you will consider all the materials in the course and select topic areas that can support the framework for CapraTek’s new goals and objectives. Please note:not all objectives will be part of the HR function, but they may influence the topics and tools you apply from the course.

Assignment Description

While not all of the objectives and goals set by CapraTek’s new CEO relate to human resources, HR will be influential in establishing the following:

o 80% of all promotions are to occur from within the organization.

o Employees who can make major contributions must be identified.

o Supervisors and HR must work together to retain valuable employees, including technical experts.

o Create developmental growth opportunities for leadership and employees.

o A ready response should be in place for programmed resignations, unprogrammed resignations, separations, and retirements.

o At all costs, the ability to respond to unexpected HR-related issues with in-depth plans of execution.

Include the following in your plan,

o Analyze how a human capital model supports HRM and organizational strategies.

o Evaluate how HRM strategies support organizational goals and objectives. How can human resources help drive CapraTek’sorganizational success to meet its goals?

o Examine how economic and demographic shifts impact HRM strategies for this organization. Your response should include internal and external changing conditions.

o Provide HRM recommendations linked to CapraTek’sorganizational goals and objectives. Consider how you might use a dashboard.

Your plan should be written coherently to support a central idea, in appropriate APA format, with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

Part 2

Regarding change management tell a story from your life when change was occurring and explain the change dynamics.

Part 3

Provide some thoughts and reflections about your experience with the change management. Comment on things you have learned about change management and about yourself as a facilitator.

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