integrative management 4

Please take note of the following Assignment expectations:

  • Each Assignment has a specific due date identified in the Course Summary at the end of this syllabus.
  • Each Assignment is to be uploaded as one MS Word file into the appropriate Class identified in the Course Summary.
  • Each Assignment must conform to the following presentation standards:
    • Pages must be white, 8.5 x 11 inches.
    • Type is black, Arial 10 point font; double spaced.
    • Margins are one inch top, bottom, and left. The right margin is 1.5 inches.
    • Each page is to be numbered at the bottom right.
    • Four pages are required for each Assignment. No title page is required.
    • The first and third pages must include these headings, in bold underlined, at the top of each:
      • Source
      • Discussion
    • The first two pages present your discussion of the assigned reading from “The Fifth Discipline”.
    • The third and fourth pages present your discussion of the assigned reading from “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook”.
  • Grading of each Assignment will be according to the following rubric:
    • Correct Content = 2 points
    • Correct Number of Pages = 2 points
    • Correct Headings = 2 points
    • Significance of Thought = 2 points
  • Late Assignments will not be accepted for grading.
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