java program named memorycalculator

Part 1 – Java program named MemoryCalculator – In your Ubuntu VM (virtual machine), using terminal mode ONLY, do the following:

Create the folder program2

In this folder place the text file located on my faculty website in Module 2 called RAMerrors (Do not rename this file, it has no extension and should have no extension.)

Each record in this file represents the possible location of an error found in RAM. (Hint: One of them is not on one of the chips.)

Assume you have a computer with 4 gigs of RAM, each gig in a different memory chip, therefore you have 4 one gig RAM chips. ———decimal—————

Part 2 – Linux Shell Scripting

– Create a sh file named:

– Set the permissions for this this *.sh file using this command to make it executable: chmod 755 *.sh

– should append your name and the current date and time to a NEW file called results.txt

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