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To complete this assignment you will need to:

  1. Select a topic – how the government policy influence the international trade
  2. Find a recent press article (700 words or longer in length, less than 6-months old) which covers the selected topic;
  3. Summarize IN YOUR OWN WORDS the press article as a brief introduction;
  4. Discuss why this article is a good illustration of the selected topic, what lessons can be learnt from it, what questions/issues it raises that the textbook did not fully answer. You must interpret and analyze the article. This is the most important part of the assignment: make sure to give it some serious thoughts!

Article selection:

  • Do not choose articles that are too anecdotic (i.e. just providing factual data about one firm in one country at one point in time, such as “BP reports lower oil extraction in Alaska”). The article must address a “big picture” issue that would matter to most multinational corporations.
  • Below are examples of reputable sources:
    • Financial Times;
    • Wall Street Journal;
    • New York Times;
    • The Economist;
    • BusinessWeek;
    • Fortune;
    • Forbes.

Include a link or copy of the article with your personal summary+discussion within the post.

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