marketing plan summary 1

The fate of Amazon rests on the fact that they will be developing distribution centers throughout the United States, and are betting heavily on dominating the on line shopping market. You are working as a marketing manager for a firm in Boston, and your company is in the running to secure the marketing campaign for the Amazon. You must come up with a condensed 3-4 page marketing plan summary

I am hoping you can create an interesting story similar to these…

Your task:

Come up with an advertising campaign to promote Amazon’s services. You must come up with a strategy, and tactics to alert the public to this new and exciting product. You must include a 4 – 5 page narrative for the decision makers at Amazon that pitches your ideas.

Mini Marketing Plan Summary

I am looking for a 4-5 page marketing plan summary, but not an intensive 30 page Marketing Plan. Your condensed plan should concentrate on Target Market and ways to reach them. I am not asking for financial projections, or competitive analysis, or demographic data. Just a quick summary of WHY your idea will reach your target market.

I want you to promote an AMAZON Service, not a product from another merchandiser on Amazon.

Pick from this list:

Amazon Prime

Amazon Games

Amazon Art

Your condensed plan should include some information on the PRODUCT – customers will need to understand that WHAT they get is less important than HOW they get it.

Make sure you completely understand the product, and include information on the product’s strengths and the opportunities that the online supplier offer. Also, try to turn any weaknesses the product has into strengths, and make sure your plan assures the team at Amazon that your pitch will turn any threats into opportunities.

Include some information on PRICE –Amazon is currently offering Amazon Prime rather inexpensively in order to acclimate the customer to using it’s services – how will you convince consumers that this price is not a detriment, and that the product offers UTILITY. You must convince the team that your message can alleviate the concerns about the price of the product.

PROMOTION – what other forms of Promotion will you use to complement your print ad? Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotions, Trade Fairs – this is how you communicate your “image” to the customer, and convince them that your product (or service) should be purchased – what other types of tactics will you use to complement your print ad? In addition to your promotional tactics, you should specify exactly what what magazines your print ad will appear in, and why.

PLACE – how will customers get to “touch and feel” the Amazon experience? Your distribution channel and defines how your product goes from your production to their consumption. Can you be innovative enough to bring this service to the masses?

TARGET MARKET – Target marketing provides a focus to all of your marketing activities. You must specify to the team at Amazon who the Target Market is for your advertising campaign. You must base your campaign on measurable statistics, such as age or income – include some market demographics (statistics) on the demographics and define the psychographic makeup of your target audience. Why you choose this target market should be evident in your pitch. It will be important to note the consumer behaviors and how your campaign appeals to this audience.

SUMMARY – Include a summary paragraph on why your campaign will be successful. It is always good for any pitch or presentation to remind the reader why your ideas will work and why you should be chosen to promote Amazon to the world.

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