mkt 500 marketing management week 6 discussion 1

Are You Sitting On a Million Dollar Idea?Watch the video Are You Sitting on a Million Dollar Idea? and answer the following questions:

Question One

  • What product(s) would you love to see revamped to meet your needs. Or, is there a new product that has not yet been created to meet your needs?

Question Two

  • Who is the target market for your new creation?

Question Three

  • Create a video about the product that you would like to see revamped or created. What changes you would like to see? Upload your video to the discussion thread using Kaltura. Note: You may use an iPad, cellphone, laptop, desktop, or traditional video recorder to record your discussion response. Note: Your video must be professional and of academic quality.

Respond to Peer(s)

  • Read and respond by video to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Kaltura Resources

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