need 1 rough draft and 1 essay

Teacher does not give much information on this and I actually need this completed in a few hours if possible.

I can’t follow her at all really and it’s online, no communication at all for a 1st English class I have ever taken in college.

🚩 Please Help! 🚩


Tell your own story in an essay that relates to the book PDF.

You might write about a time you took a risk, left your old life behind, or pursued the American Dream.

You can describe an instance when you felt homesick, out of your element, lost, or misunderstood.

You may choose to share an anecdote about your first day at a new job, buying a car, falling in love, coming of age, or experiencing some other life-changing event.

You can relate a tale of pride or guilt, lying to or disappointing a parent, struggling to make ends meet, exploring a new culture, helping a stranger, or feeling a sense of community.

In fact, you are welcome to submit any essay that clearly connects with book PDF.

  • As you’re turning in your essays, make sure you are using MLA format.
  • When you submit your essay, please be sure that you’ve followed MLA guidelines.
  • You must create “1 Rough Draft & 1 Essay” that relates to the book.pdf
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