need help to answer the following questions

Directions: Read Chapter 5(The carbon cycle), then answer the questions below. Use complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Proper writing and clarity are important in getting full credit.

1.What is the atmospheric concentration unit of CO2 gas? Explain what it means with a numeric example. (3 points)

2.List 2 other greenhouse gases or groups of gases that contain carbon: (2 points)

3.Why do we need ozone in the Stratosphere? (2 points)

4.What are halocarbons? Give 2 reasons why they are detrimental to us humans. (3 points)

5.What season in North America has a higher CO2 concentration and why? What season in North America has a lower CO2

concentration and why? (4 points)

6.What are 3 atmospheric sources of CO2 and list whether they’re natural or anthropogenic.(6 points)

7.What is a sink of a gas or pollutant? What are 3 natural sinks of CO2? (4 points)

8.What is the unit of measurement or estimation of the amount of carbon in a particular carbon reservoir? (1 point)

9.Aside from Earth’s crust, what ‘sphere’ or reservoir contains the most carbon? (1 point)

10.What is the carbon ‘turnover time’ or ‘residence time’ for the atmosphere mean? What is the average carbon turnover time for the atmosphere? Land biosphere? (4 points)

11.What is the rate of exchange of C from rocks to the Atmosphere-Ocean-Land-biosphere ?(1 point)

12.How are humans disturbing the Carbon Cycle in terms or rate of C into the atmosphere?(4 points)

13.Between 2002-2011, what was the average rate of anthropogenic carbon emissions into the atmosphere? What was actually measured? Where did the rest go? (5 points)

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