nuclear pollution essay

English 100: College Writing

Essay #3 Assignment


We have read four essays on the natural world discussing human’s appreciation, understanding, and attempts to

control it. However, despite environmental research and statistics, we are still in an environmental crisis:

For your essay, choose one environmental issue of your choice and discuss either how it can be resolved OR

why it is a non-issue. Use the readings and class discussions as support.

Do not try to discuss every possible aspect of the subject. Choose one or two key concepts. Avoid

generalizing. Focus and concrete on specific issues. Develop a Thesis Statement that clearly answers and

supports your response. Then, thoroughly respond to the question in a well-developed and thought-out essay.

(1200 words minimum – 5-7 pages)


1. MLA formatting. We reviewed this in class but please refer to the example page on Canvas if you have

any questions.

a. Outside research is a requirement – try to use 4-5 outside texts as support.

b. You will be required to quote and properly cite the texts you use.

3. Don’t lose your voice. Make sure that your voice is the predominant voice in the essay.

You Must Provide

The subject of the essay is the issues and effect behind radioactivite use , basically NUCLEAR POLLUTION . Please mention the incident of Fukushima powerplant in japan , I would love if research was provided about the powerplant incident. Also mention other examples that contribute to the issue .. I do not want most the essay research , I need you to have your own voice so it won’t be plagiarised.

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