please don t answer if you don t have the book what topics in chapters 12 and 13 should be given more attention

BOOK REQUIRED: Brinkley, Alan.American History: A Survey. Volume I. 13th edition. New York:McGraw Hill, 2009.

What topics in Chapters 12 & 13 should be given more attention? Choose 2 topics to discuss.
Choose one topic from Chapter 12 and one topic from Chapter 13.
Why are these topics important or significant in your opinion?
Why do you think the topics should be given more attention by the text or historians?

Discussion Guidelines

Post should be in your own words.
No outside research except content that is in the Module Week 5 and the text.
No more than 2 direct quotes per post. Direct quotations should not exceed 1.5 sentences in length.

Do not make a list. Write in paragraph form.

Do not repeat the questions.

Display understanding and in depth analysis.

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