post 15 and service marketing journal review

M9 – Assignments

This module’s work focuses on Service Pricing, Exam 3 and course assessment.

For this module, complete the following:

1. For each chapter covered in this module:

– Review the Chapter Topics, Chapter Objectives, and PowerPoint slides.

– Study the chapter in the text/e-text. Make notes, highlight, and review anything that you think might be important.

2. Submit Service Marketing Journal Post 15.

3. Submit the written portion of your Service Blueprint Project that you started last week.

4. Take EXAM 3. It will be available to you in this module folder from 12:01 AM on 25 July until 11:59 PM on 28 July. It is a closed-book, proctored exam. This exam is comprehensive but the most recent five chapters will have more questions. You will have 120 minutes to complete this exam.

5. Complete the two bonus opportunities explained in the Announcements for Module 9.

Chapter 15 Topics

• Three Key Ways that Service Prices Are Different for Consumers

• Approaches to Pricing Services

• Pricing Strategies that Link to the Four Value Definitions

• Technology Spotlight: Dynamic Pricing on the Internet Allows Price Adjustments Based on Supply and Demand

• Global Feature: Unique Pricing Around the World

• Strategy Insight: “Congestion Pricing” as a Strategy to Change Driving Behavior in Big Cities

Chapter 15 Objectives

1. Discuss three major ways that service prices are perceived differently from goods prices by customers.

2. Articulate the key ways that pricing of services differs from pricing of goods from a company’s perspective

3. Demonstrate what value means to customers and the role that price plays in value.

4. Describe strategies that companies use to price services.

5. Give examples of pricing strategy in action.

Service Marketing Journal Review

Please Review all your Service Marketing Journal submissions. Identify which 3 service marketing concepts you think are absolutely most important to your particular service firm. In a post, identify these 3 service marketing concepts and justify why you think they are so important to your firm’s future success.

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