prosocial behavior serving my community please use apa format topic would be on drugs

Behavior-Serving My Community
this assignment you will create a fictional community service project
and then develop a public service announcement ad, which could
be used to persuade your community to become involved. You might
want to refer to Chapter 8: Social Influence and Persuasion &
Chapter 9: Prosocial Behavior: Doing What’s Best for Others for
help and inspiration.
project will be a combination of your writing skills and creative
skills. You will create a power point. Remember, I must be
able to open and view your visual so be sure to use only those
programs, which are compatible with our class.You might want to start
on this project soon and build on it each week so that you do not get
behind on your work.
the written part of the assignments, you will write at least a
two-page paper (approximately 500 words) describing your community
project in detail. This should include the topic you have chosen, why
you chose this particular project, and how you would intend to get
community support through a project of this kind.
power point will be designed as a presentation. This will be
something that you could take into a meeting of professional helpers
in your community and convince them to support and get involved with
your idea. Think about fundraisers or commercials you have seen which
encourage involvement.
power point needs to include:
Facts from real sources that give information and credibility to your
Persuasive images or testimonials
Details of your plan using charts, graphs, or other media
example, if your community project is to stop underage drinking in
the community, then your power point will need to include real facts
from legitimate sources that show statistics on underage drinking and
why it is a problem that should be addressed.
could include:
of young people and alcohol for persuasive images.
and graphs highlighting the statistics of underage drinking.
video or a testimonial from a young person.
cited bibliography list.
are just a few examples. Be creative. Have fun!
Grid for Final Project—
and content in Power Point Presentation (Use of color, icons,
photos, font, charts, graphs, etc.) Includes a minimum of 15
content slides and must include an additional works cited slide
to use parenthetical citations in your presentation anytime you
are citing facts or using information from other resources
and presentation of written paper-Follow APA format—-See further
directions in grading rubricPaper should contain a minimum of 500
words (2-3 pages) and include word count
proper organization, following APA style.
*Your paper should
include title page, and works cited list Should include
parenthetical citations. Should be double spaced. (Abstract not
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count
a required minimum of four scholarly and credible resources, at
least one source must come from a journal obtained through the
library resources.
Paper Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):
· Use
a 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font.
· Double-space
your paper and indent each paragraph.
· Minimum
number of slides in power point and words in paper. Include
your word count!!
· Minimum
of four (4) scholarly cited sources (one can be your text)
using the parenthetical citations and the works cited page. At
least one source must be a journal obtained through the library
resources. Do NOT use Wikipedia as it is not considered to
be a scholarly and reliable resource.
· Use
APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material.
(*See below for more information.)
· Make
sure your name is on your paper and your power point or video.
Include a title page and a works cited page (no abstract needed).
remember: There will be a 10pt. penalty for each day the assignment
is late. It is due Sunday, by midnight, at the end of week 3.
Being on time helps you get a higher score.
will be a 100 pt. penalty for plagiarizing. This means that if
you plagiarize work you will receive a Zero. If in doubt, cite,
cite, cite.
but not least, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me.
are some helpful tips and examples:
(In-Text) Citations
parenthetical (in-text) citation is when you place the source in
parenthesis ( ) right after the sentence you cited instead of waiting
until the end of the paper. It helps the reader to know exactly
what sentences and paragraphs are taken from particular sources.
the author’s name and the source’s date of publication in parentheses
immediately after the end of the cited material. If it is a direct
quote, include the page number as well. For example:
is defined as the science of behavior and mental processes”
(Coon, 2012, p. 12).
If you
have paraphrased the information then you do not need to include the
page number. For example:
is a scientific field that specifically studies both mental processes
and the associated behaviors (Coon, 2012).

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