read faux friendship manual labor all night long or a million first dates

Please write this paper in MLA format. More instructions uploaded below.

Read “Faux Friendship,” “Manual labor, All Night long,” or “A Million First Dates,” twice. Look up unfamiliar words in your dictionary. One of these three essays will serve as the starting point for an essay of your own. Assume that the essay you are planning will be approximately three pages long, or 600–900 words.

Using Steps 1 and 2 in the guidelines on page 199, think of three possible topics for an essay of that length, and submit the most promising (or, if your instructor suggests it, all three) for approval.

1. Identify the source essay’s thesis; analyze its underlying themes and its strategy; and construct a rough list of its main ideas.

2. After brainstorming, decide on two or three possible essay topics related to your work in Step 1, and narrow down one of them.

Plan your essay by working from notes to an outline. Be prepared to submit your thesis and outline of paragraphs (with indications of relevant references to the source).

Write a rough draft after deciding which parts of the source essay should be cited as evidence, distributing references to the source among appropriate sections of your outline, and determining which parts of the source should be quoted and which should be paraphrased.

Write a final draft of your essay, and then proofread the draft before submitting the final version.

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