rhetorical analysis paper 2

750—1000 Words, double spaced, 12pt font
MLA formatting and referencing throughout (APA upon request)
General introduction to the topic of the academic article OR an introduction to the necessary context of the speech (Who? Where? When? Why?)
Summary of the argument and/or main points of the article/speech
Thesis that articulates what rhetorical appeals and strategies the writer uses to advance their argument
Body Paragraphs
Rhetorical strategy or appeal for analysis identified in a topic sentence
Definition of the rhetorical strategy or appeal
Topic of the paragraph developed with well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient facts, details, examples, quotations, or other information that reveals your knowledge and understanding of the authors’ use of language and rhetoric to achieve their intended purpose
Restates the purpose of the essay and often establishes important connections between the content of the essay and the reader’s life
Sophisticated and appropriate use of diction and syntax
Strong command of the conventions of grammar and spelling

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