sales approch short paper


The sales approach is the point at which the salesperson makes contact with the customer. There are several methods that salespeople use to make their approach. After reviewing the different kinds of approaches, respond in a brief paragraph to the following (no longer than three pages):

  1. A salesperson works for a games and toys manufacturer and is preparing to meet with a prospect who has been referred by a long-time customer. The referral source said that the prospect, a buyer for Toys R’ Us, is very task oriented and time driven and appreciates working with people who do things efficiently. Given this information, which approach (or combination of approaches) should the salesperson use? Explain.
  2. Write a script for a sales approach that combines the referral and question methods. Assume this is for a salesperson from an artisan bakery who is approaching the manager of an upscale restaurant who may be looking for a new bread supplier.
  3. Write a script for a sales approach that uses the product approach. Assume this is for a salesperson for an upscale jewelry retailer who is approaching a couple who is looking for an engagement ring.
  4. Identify two situations in which a salesperson might use the premium approach. Why would this approach be effective in these situations?
  5. Visit a retail store that sells big-ticket products, such as electronics, appliances, fine jewelry, or cars. What type of approach did the salesperson use? Was it effective? Why or why not? Which approach, if any, would have been more effective?

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper/Case Study Rubric document.

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