signature assignment application letter

open the attachments two see the requarments>>>

Drafts and Final Version of Letter

All students must submit a draft and a final version of the Application Letter in order to receive a grade on the Signature Assignment (Application Letter). There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Zero points will be given to those who DO NOT submit both a draft and a final version of the Application Letter. A file with a letter must be uploaded to the submission area or you will receive no credit for the assignment. Drafts WILL NOT be graded as the final submission.

No work from previous semesters may be submitted. Students submitting work done in a previous semester will receive a zero grade, and an Honor Code violation report will be filed with the Office of Student Conduct.

Late work is accepted up to three days with a 25 point deduction from the final Letter of Recommendation grade for each calendar (24 hours) late. The late deduction begins at the due date and time.

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