social media posts and reflection


For this, you will be asked to generate posts on social media as it is used by businesses.

Your current employer is interested in using various social media to increase the company/organization’s profile in the area. The company/organization has also recently introduced a new product or service that your boss wants the general public to know about. You have been asked to create the initial contact to the public on both Facebook and Twitter.

1. Select a product or service that is appropriate either for your current job or for the career you intend to have.

2. Create two Facebook posts of up 100 words each announcing the product/service to the company’s Facebook audience and two tweets (limit 140 characters including spaces) for the company’s Twitter audience announcing the new product or service. These should be written as if they will be posted to social media, but should be submitted as a Word document.

3. Keep in mind the conventions of social media. Grammar and spelling are critically important, as is maintaining professionalism while still being fun and welcoming to customers or clients.

4. Write a 2-3 paragraph reflection on how you approached these posts and how writing social media posts for a professional entity like a business differs from your personal use of social media.

Grading Rubric









Below Standard

Meets Requirements of Mastery



Has not mastered competency

Sufficient mastery of competency to function in the workplace

Utilizes mastery of competency to excel in the workplace

Leverages expert mastery of competency to create new solutions and business value in the workplacee

Facebook and/or Twitter posts not completed.

Facebook posts completed, but are too long or do not contain enough detail to inform the audience. Posts are vague or difficult to understand. Twitter posts are too long or too vague to be informative.

Facebook posts are of an appropriate length. Details of new product/service are included. Twitter posts fit the length requirement of Twitter and offer some useful and appropriate information.

Facebook posts are of an appropriate length. Details are precise and accurate and are clear and easy to understand, even by an audience of uninformed customers. Twitter posts are clear, direct, appropriate, and contain valuable and useful information.

Posts are non-grammatical or make no clear sense to potential audience. Posts are not appropriate for a general audience and contain frequent use of jargon or slang.

Posts contain some grammatical issues that may affect meaning. Grammar or spelling inconsistent. Posts attempt to use correct language but suffer from some inconsistency.

Posts are mainly grammatically correct with only minor errors. Language use is generally appropriate with minor inconsistencies.

Posts are grammatically correct with appropriate spelling and punctuation. Language use is correct and easily understood by a general audience.

Posts lack focus and do not create a cohesive or coherent message.

Posts attempt a message but with major gaps or inconsistencies.

Facebook posts and Twitter posts provide a clear message.

Facebook and Twitter posts integrate well with each other to provide a clear message across platforms.

Reflection is either not completed or does not address the topics of approaching these social media posts or personal social media use.

Reflection does not adequately cover the topics of professional social media use or personal use of social media.

Reflection mainly addresses the required topics, but does not fully answer all of the questions raised.

Reflection fully addresses questions of both professional and personal social media use.

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