sociology question 133

  1. Describe the different family forms in the past and today.
  2. Explain how families embody a set of personal and cultural ideals.
  3. Identify and explain the factors that go into making the family an area of controversy.
  4. Understand and explain the ways in which the economic and social changes have impacted family formation, family structure, and family operations on a daily basis.
  5. Understand and explain the state of permanent marriage today, as well as the blurring of gender divisions and the rise of work-family conflict.
  6. Explain how and why the transition to adulthood has changed in the United States and describe both the old and new markers of adulthood.
  7. Understand and explain the diversity of American families, as well as the opposition to some forms of family diversity.
  8. Identify how social class plays a role in family diversity. Is there a difference by race?
  9. Explain how the United States differs from other advanced Western societies in its approach to family and childcare.

300 words, does not need to be in apa or mla format

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