the world cup is a major international sporting event write one paragraph on a speech format

The World Cup is a major international sporting event. You may have noticed little to no attention paid to this event by US media. Consider the location of World Cup 2018. Speculate.How might the location of World Cup 2018 influence US coverage of the event? What might Trump’s history with Russia have to do with it? What other factors can you think of that might influence the United States’ lack of coverage of World Cup 2018?

Begin your response by acknowledgment Follow your acknowledgments with a well-crafted transition that includes a statement of your like, love, or disinterest in soccer or the World Cup. Your next statement should clearly state why you believe the US media is not providing much coverage of this major international sporting event, i.e. “I believe the lack of coverage of World Cup 2018 is due to…(preview your main points here).”

write one paragraph about the above on a speech format

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