understand correlation and other basic research concepts

Extra Credit 2: Understand Correlation and Other Basic Research Concepts

Activity to do:

  • STEP 1 – THE RESEARCH IDEA: Studies exploring the relationship between certain personality characteristics and aggressive driving often focus on the traits of anger, hostility, and aggression (e.g., Deffenbacher, Huff, Lynch, Oetting, & Salvatore, 2000; Lajunen & Parker, 2001; Matthews & Norris, 2002). But what about competitiveness? Could it be that some people who drive aggressively are very competitive, and just want to “to win,” “get ahead,” or “be first?”?
    • Share your experiences with aggressive driving, either as the target of an aggressive driver or as an aggressive driver, themselves. Think about the kinds of personality traits that might covary with the tendency to drive aggressively.
  • STEP 2 – TURNING THE IDEA INTO AN EMPIRICAL QUESTION: Is there a relationship between competitiveness and aggressive driving?
  • STEP 3 – DOING LIBRARY RESEARCH: I will start you off with some useful descriptors (driving behavior, highway safety, personality) and a full text review article on the topic (Sharkin, B. (2004). Road rage: Risk factors, assessment, and intervention strategies. Journal of Counseling and Development,82Preview the document(2),191-198Preview the document.) You must then find one more primary research articles from peer-reviewed journals to include in your report. So here, have the two citations and a 1-2 sentence summary of what they did/found
  • STEP 4: Take the “Aggressive Driving Survey,” and rate on how much you feel it describes you. Do you think there are other and perhaps more valid ways of measuring it, such as by actually observing someone driving. What are the trade-offs that we often must make when we conduct research, where it is sometimes not feasible to conduct a study in the manner we would like. This raises the issue of methodological limitations, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of field and laboratory research.So here, I’d take the AGGRESSIVE DRIVING SURVEY – 1) note your score and rate on how much you feel it describes you. 2) Do you think there are other and perhaps more valid ways of measuring it, such as by actually observing someone driving?3) What are the trade-offs that we often must make when we conduct research, where it is sometimes not feasible to conduct a study in the manner we would like?

Each answer should be about 3-4 sentences. Aim for a paragraph. Feel free to use your textbook and any other sites you may have access to. Please include a reference page in APA format at the end.

Please include a reference page in APA format

Submission: Your paper will be submitted via the Assignment feature in Webcourses. When you submit your assignment it will immediately be run through Turnitin.com, an automated system that instructors can use to quickly and easily compare each student’s assignment with billions of web sites, as well as an enormous database of student papers that grows with each submission. Turnitin will send me a report that states if and how another author’s work was used in the assignment. That is, it checks for plagiarism. As stated in the Course Policies plagiarism is a violation of the Golden Rule and is therefore completely unacceptable. Thus any plagiarized work will result in a 0 for that Assignment. This assignment will not be dropped from the calculation of your overall course grade.

For a more detailed look at the Turnitin process please visit www.turnitin.com Links to an external site.

Grading: Scores will be posted / unmuted once all submissions have been scored and reviewed. I will post an announcement after all assignment submissions have been scored.

Help for writing:

If you have difficulty writing and need assistance please contact the university center for writing excellence. They have the resources to help all UCF students with writing. You can take them the assignment & a rough draft & they can help with grammar & syntax and is a great resource. They even help with resumes! The UWC webpage is: http://guides.ucf.edu/writingcenter

  • Paper should be original work that has been both grammar and spell checked. You can answer the question directly (meaning include question or just have the number) and responses should be about 6-8 sentences each. Work should be double-spaced and should have plenty of citations in APA format! It should also have a reference page attached.
  • All submissions will be run through Turnitin so please do not plagiarize at it is a violation of the university honor code. If you are confused about plagiarism, please see files under module “ancillaries” for assistance

If you need more help on how to summarize an article:

Best APA site out there: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/563/1/ Links to an external site.

Andrews University: Guidelines for Writing an Article Summary Links to an external site.

UConn: How to Summarize a Research ArticleLinks to an external site.


Any direct quotation MUST be placed within quotes and cited. Citing alone does not make it not plagiarized! As I am not allowing ANY quotation this should not even be an issue!

Citing merely tells the reader where the information is coming from – using direct quotations “” tells the reader it is a direct quote from someone else. Why is this important? Well chiefly, it’s not your words or work. Secondly, if you have the reader feels the information is wrong they can seek out the original source to verify that information a) wasn’t taken out of context or b) is indeed wrong.

Remember, you are typically better off loosing points for having nothing in your own words that plagiarizing someone else.

Course policy is that any plagiarism results in an automatic 0 on the assignment.

University policy is that this is a violation of the university honor code and as such must be reported!!!

So please do NOT plagiarize!

I have a have a guide for you at: Plagiarism & Citing

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