unit 2 health policy

Evolution of Private Health Insurance

Assignment Purpose: A power point slide deck allows you the ability to apply a leadership skill of researching and developing a presentation. Health care managers need to understand how health care is financed and paid. This slide deck will give you the opportunity to learn more indepth about how health plans were created and how health plans work in the US. In your research, you will find information on how health plans work in other countries such as Australia, Egypt, and India. You need only focus on the history of private insurance in the US.

You will note when you begin to research this topic, that many different health policies and legislation have impacted upon the way health plans work.

Assignment Directions: Use the readings, media elements, and the lecture along with your research to create a power point slide deck.

Develop a 10 slide power point deck that describes the evolution of private health insurance from the 1930’s beginning to current state.

Remember to include a title slide and a reference slide. The reference slide should include the sources you used to develop the slide deck.

Make sure to look at the Resources folder for help. There are media elements for developing a power point slide deck; directions from the OWL at Purdue website; and also a folder of possible templates that you could use to individualize your own work. Create the deck as if you were providing an inservice to your peers on the history of health insurance in this country.

This assignment is due on Sunday. It is worth 100 points.

Course Objective 4: Determine financial outcomes associated with health pol

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