unit 4 thirty one though forty

Question 31 (2.5 points)

Question 31 Saved

Which of the following would NOT be found on a discharge summary?

Question 31 options:

Question 32 (2.5 points)

Question 32 Unsaved

An attending physician’s request for a consult is called a(n):

Question 32 options:

Question 33 (2.5 points)

Question 33 Unsaved

All of the following documentation guidelines have been developed by AHIMA EXCEPT:

Question 33 options:

Question 34 (2.5 points)

Question 34 Unsaved

The acronym SOAP stands for:

Question 34 options:

Question 35 (2.5 points)

Question 35 Unsaved

All orders, including medications, lab tests, and diagnostic tests, must be:

Question 35 options:

Question 36 (2.5 points)

Question 36 Unsaved

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the PHR?

Question 36 options:

Question 37 (2.5 points)

Question 37 Unsaved

Surgical procedures require which of the following?

Question 37 options:

Question 38 (2.5 points)

Question 38 Unsaved

The birth of a baby requires a document recording the birth to be signed and sent to the:

Question 38 options:

Question 39 (2.5 points)

Question 39 Unsaved

Who owns the patient health record?

Question 39 options:

Question 40 (2.5 points)

Question 40 Unsaved

Health information professionals use which of the following to ensure quality patient records?

Question 40 options:

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