week 3 individual

Imagine your manager has asked you to help prepare a response to the chief operating officer’s (COO) assertion that electronic medical records (EMR) technology is not critical for the health care organization.

Important Details:

  • Format your reference section and references used according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, an introduction, a conclusion and references.
  • Review class literature and non-class resources to address the questions below
  • Cite your reference to support your assignment. Use the resources in the University Library to ensure you have correctly cited your references. Three peer- reviewed sources are required.
  • Complete the sections below in a written, APA style 1,000-word (minimum, over 1,000 is fine) paper. Use APA internal headers named to match the sections below (see purple font).

What you need to write about:

Electronic Medical Record

What is an EMR?

The importance of using the EMR in the healthcare setting

Why is the EMR important in healthcare, why in a healthcare setting?

Influence and Importance of Stakeholders

What is a stakeholder in healthcare? How do they influence healthcare? Why are they important

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