week 7 strength finders

The Gallup’s strengthsfinder assessment allows students to identify specific themes of strengths tailored to each individual. Knowing your strengths will assist in future career and professional development. Using the results of the strengths finder assessment completed in HLTH 6005: Perspectives on Health and the Developing Profession or HLTH 8003 Building Multidisciplinary Approach in Health, review your top five strengths to the assignment. To Prepare: Review your strengths finder results from HLTH 6005: Perspectives on Health and the Developing Professional or HLTH 8003 Building Multidisciplinary Approach in Health. After reviewing your results, complete the assignment below:

To Complete the Assignment: Must be (2-3) pages not including title page or references

Section headers for each of the following required sections:

What are your top five themes of strengths? (adaptability, positivity, correctedness, activator, communication)

How will you leverage your top five themes of strength to develop as a health educator?

Reflect on a situation within the last three months in which you believe one of your top five strength themes allowed you to successfully solve the situation/issue/challenge or problem.

Describe this situation and how your strength enabled you to be successful.

Select one of your five themes of strengths and describe your plan to implement/develop this theme as a current or future health educator.

Cite the sources within your text where you refer to them

Link :https://www.strengthsquest.com/193541/themes-full-…

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