write a response of question one and an analysis 4 of sagan s chapter 12 write my final paper

Question 1:Write a response: Which of the three chapters assigned in Sagan’s book did you find most interesting? Why? What is your answer to the title question of Twenge’s article? Explain your answer.At least 150 words.

Question 2: Your fourth analysis is to be of Sagan’s Chapter 12, “The Fine Art of Baloney Detection.” Your analysis does not need to list all the logical fallacies Sagan explains, but you should pay attention to whether he makes a persuasive case about the need to know them. As I always do, I would encourage you to look at the analysis instructions, example(s), video, (all of which can be found in previous modules) and any comments I made on previous analyses you have submitted before submitting this one. At least 580 words.

Question 3: Write my final paper. It is very very important. I have attached my Prof. comments in the file “Final paper revision comments” below. My professor also sent me messages,”I wanted to stress my concern about your use of information that, unless you are an astronomy major, you must have had to look up, yet you do not cite it. Also, check the sample final paper to see how each source is introduced before it is used, and then after the quotation or paraphrase, it is closed.Another thing: you will need to proofread more carefully. I suspect English is not your first language, but some of the mistakes you make could easily be found with a careful proofreading.”

Basically, I think to cite each source is very important. Length should be At least 9 pages, MLA formatting, double spaced. I have also attached MLA formatting guide, two sample final papers and one “Creating a work cited page instructions” file below. Please do this assignment really careful because it weighs a lot in my grade. Thank you 🙂

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