write a short essay about a current campaign make it as essay as possible because english is my second language

Campaign Analysis – Prepare an in-depth analysis of a current advertising campaign. The campaign has to be running currently — no historical campaigns.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and cite at least three credible references. If you opt to do a presentation, it should be at least 15 minutes and have no less than 12 total slides including a reference slide.

The analysis should cover at a minimum the following:

  • Campaign information – briefly describe the campaign, who is the ad agency behind the campaign, what media is used in the campaign (social, tv, radio, etc.)
  • Description of the product – features, value, competitive advantage (what separates it from the competition)
  • Target market– based on what we know, describe the target market
  • Consumer behavior — what are the motivational factors used (needs/wants expressed), level of involvement (high or low involvement), possible influences used in the message
  • Communication messages – what do the ads say about the product, what tone is used, what appeal (humor, sex, fear, etc.)
  • Ethical considerations — are there any concerns about the message or who the ads target?
  • Critique and recommendations – what do you think is good/bad about the campaign, what would you recommend they change
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