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  1. Critically evaluate any three popular fat loss programs or diet programs. How do they stack up against each other relative to their nutritional profile, ability to support intense training, and ability to provide lasting results? Considering what you have learned in this course, what would you change about the program and why?
  2. This week’s assignment will require outside research. You can evaluate three fad diets that you are familiar with, or you can research into fad diets that you don’t know much about. Use this assignment to help further your knowledge on possible diets that your potential clients might be using or looking to try. Get creative. Make sure to talk about the premise of the diet and why the diet could or could not work. Refer back to what was taught in the text this week. No one should have a problem meeting the 250-word minimum on this assignment. Remember, the assignment asks you to CRITICALLY EVALUATE three programs. I expect everyone to have well over 500 words for this assignment. Include important information such as the nutritional profiles, macronutrient breakdowns and how this all relates to the body’s physiology and how it will affect certain training endeavors. PROPER GRAMMER AND SYNTAX is required!! Check your work before you submit it for a final grade! Side Note: Think about what was taught this week! I want SPECIFIC diets. If you are at a loss, search “fad diets” in your browser and then pick 3 that you like. Do not forget to cite your work, as outside research is expected for this assignment. I posted a link for MLA citation in the first News Forum post for the class, so please review if you are unsure.
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