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This discussion thread asks you to respond to the following prompt in a response of 350 words, which requires that you have read “Can This Fruit be Saved? (post in the file pg.7 ). as well as watching the required portion of the Food Chain Film link:

Do not respond to this prompt before completing the reading and watching the required part of the documentary (the first 45 minutes).


1) Please explain how you see each individual source connecting to the three sub-themes of food justice as explained in the Food Justice Introduction (Three Sub-Themes of Food Justice: 1) Labor , 2) Food Security , 3) Food Sovereignty ). Of the two sources, which has the clearest connections their sub-themes, and for which sources was it more difficult for you to figure out how the content related to the three sub-themes? (More than one sub-topic may be relevant to a source, and it’s also OK to be unsure of how a source connects to a sub-topic as long as you’re able to explain why/how you’re unsure. )

2) Of the two sources (The essay and the documentary) assigned for this week, which one presents a problem that you think has the easiest solution? What is that solution? Why do you think it is an easy solution? Which source presents a problem that either lacks a solution, or whose solution seems impossible or very difficult to achieve? Why do you think that problem either has no solution, or a very challenging solution?


1) Your Initial Post must be a minimum of 350 words

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