young goodman brown answer two questions on this story

(you can pick whatever two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story, I just need ONE page document.

Answer TWO questions for your posts on this story:

What “errand” is Goodman Brown involved in? What happens at the meeting in the woods? Who is

there and what does Brown learn about them?

How does the setting and landscape evoke mood? Characterize the tone and feeling of the story.

What is exposed about the community and what beliefs held dear by Brown are brought to light?

What is the significance of the wife’s name? the pink ribbons? Does her name carry any symbolic

relevance to Goodman Brown’s experience? If so, how?

Is it all a dream? If so, does that change the theme?

How is this story symbolic of EVERY human quest? In other words, how does the story represent our

own lone voyage into the “wilderness”?

How is the story a commentary on faith, ethics, morals, values? Is any of that commentary relevant to

us, today?.

Thanks In advance,


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